Ireland – Food Tour

I went on the Galway Food tour this afternoon and let me assure everyone – GREAT decision!! It began at Griffin’s Bakery, a place that has been in busines and family owned since the 1700’s. For my American friends and family, pause a moment and contemplate that. The guy who currently owns it was bitten a few years back by a big ass Conger Eel. The picture is actually of him and the eel I found from the Connacht Tribune from 2013. The picture is graphic, so I’m putting it at the bottom of the post. Rather than give up on life, theImage result for conger bread man, Jimmy Griffin, found a way to capitalize on his trauma. He began making the Conger Bread – a giangantic loaf of divine sour dough bread with added seaweed  for a bit of unusal and absolutely wonderful flavor! You buy it by weight, not loaf, by the way. From there we went on to try several types of Irish spirits, one flavored with bog beans. On to a lager named Soul Water. Anyone who knows me, knows I really only drink Guiness in the realms of beer, but this was delightful. We tried an oyster on the half shell – creamy with the taste of the sea, a bit of brown bread topped with a crab salad with added bits of apple and a freshly pickled cucumber slice on top, a chocolatier who actually makes their own chocolate from the freakin’ bean!!, a raspberry scone, fish chowder, cheeses, air dried lamb, and a host of other treats. Not to repeat myself, but it was a brilliant decision to take this tour. I also found a place that sells – wait for it – BUNRATTY MEAD!!!!!

Image result for conger eel
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