Ireland – Arrive on NUI Campus

After a 90 minutes bus ride (most of which I slept through) and a 10 minute taxi ride, I arrived on Campus. Let me just say, NUI at Galway is incredibly beautiful, but very large and spread out. I figure by the end of the 4 weeks I’ll either be in really good shape from all the walking or dead. The room wasn’t quite ready, so they kept my large suitcase for me at the reception office. They would have kept my backpack with my 20 pounds or so of electronics, but I anxious about them, so I elected to keep it with me. BIG. MIS. TAKE!! Right now, by back is freaking on fire! Lesson learned. From now on I had planned on leaving my laptop in the room, anyway, so the pack won’t be nearly as heavy. I’m also pretty old school, so I’ll be taking notes on paper primarily.

At registration, we were 20180618_195035presented with a lovely NUI tote bag(Read next year’s homework bag), a notebook, pen, and other lovelies. Toured the campus in the rain (with the 20 pound pack on my back), still don’t know where anything is, and then the room was ready. It’s a small room, but that’s fine. I don’t really need much room. It’s also a private, lockable room. One must have a key card to enter the building, the suite (which I share with 4 others), and the individual bedroom. For a small room, there’s a surprising amount of storage! One thing missing – hangers. I’ll work on that tomorrow – or not. I’m also a bit concerned about 5 women, one bathroom with a shower/tub, and one half bath. We’ll see how it goes. Luckily, all of my roommates seem to be very kind, sharing, YOUNG, considerate women.

I was finally able to and wash my sweater – the one that still smelled of old tires, gasoline, and horse urine. Now, I’ll probably have to wait about a week for it to dry.

Tomorrow – Welcome address, first meeting of classes, and a reception at 5:00. I’m hoping they have snacks. Like whiskey.


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