My oldest son, Michael, was a surprising child from the moment he was born. First, the good doctor assured me that the baby would be a girl and a small one at that. Nope. My baby boy was over 9 pounds. Second, many people told me that first children are often fussy. Nope. He slept through the night at about 7 weeks and fussed only when he was hungry (can’t blame him there!). He also woke up happy. Seriously. He was happy. I couldn’t quite understand this since I always woke up seriously pissed off and confused. Not Michael. He would be sitting up in his crib, playing and smiling. When he got a little older, he’d climb out of his bed and come running into our room giggling and wanting nothing more than to be cuddled. I have to admit, that did make me less pissed off when I woke up. I mean who can be pissy when you have a bundle of boy who smells of sleep and sweetness cuddled up next to you?

Anywho, Michael was just over 3 years old and it was December. For the record, I think 3 year olds are the absolute perfect age to fully enjoy Christmas! Everything is new and exciting and beautiful to them. They find magic in everything from a snowflake to a candle flame. Every night he wanted his father to read him “A Visit from St. Nicholas” before he went to sleep. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit jealous. I wanted to read it to him, but Michael had decided that bedtime was “Daddy read to me” time. It really was rather sweet to listen to my husband’s baritone voice mixed with my son’s little boy soprano questions. One moring I was almost ready to leave for work when Scott pulled back the curtain from the window in the front room. He said, “You want the umbrella? It looks like rain, dear.”

“Reindeer? Reindeer!!!! Reindeer!!! Reindeer!!!,” Michael shouted, jumping up and down in his warm, footy pajamas. “Where’s the Reindeer?? Where’s Santa??”

He was heartbroken when we finally calmed him down and explained there were no reindeer in the yard. For a moment, he thought we had played an awful trick on him. Then, typical of his nature, he brightened up and said, “That’s okay. It was just a practice for when Christmas really comes.” He was all smiles and sunshine again.

What a happier world it would be if we could all turn our disappointments into advantages.low_01249838


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