Irish Fest

Okay, so today was not awesome. First, background. Scott has a cold so he’s not in best form. We went to the Irish Fest in Milwaukee about 7 or so years ago. LOVED IT. We wanted to go again, but just couldn’t work it out. This year, we decided to go. It’s about a 5 hour drive, so we could leave after I got off work and make it to Milwaukee by about 9-10 and have all day Saturday at the festival. Then I remembered I needed a blood test, so I scheduled the appointment with labcorp for that day (the earliest I could get was at 9:30), took a day off work since I figured if they were running late I might not get back in until 10 and I wasn’t sure I could get to work by 11 (half a day). GREAT CALL. I got in roughly on time, they sucked the 3 vials of blood they needed, and I got back to drive home feeling a bit shakey, but nothing too bad. Then I got a call from labcorp. My insurance, it seems, had changed labs and would only pay for the testing if I went to Quest. I turned around, waited for about 10 minutes, got the blood they’d just drawn and all my paperwork and went to Quest to drop it off, had to sign the register, wait another 20 minutes until they called me in, hand over my blood, wait for the woman to print out the paperwork which was an ordeal since the printer was out of paper, sign the paperwork and leave, only to get a call when I’m almost home from Quest telling me that they simply cannot process blood which has been drawn at a different lab and I was welcome to come back, wait again, and have blood drawn a second time. By now I’m serious shaking, my arm from the first draw is bruising and hurts, so I got a little brusk with the person on the phone and asked why they didn’t tell me that when I was there. No answer, just an excuse. I said No. I hadn’t eating since 4:30 the day before (it was now around 10:45) and I was shaking badly. I went home, fixed myself a bacon/tomato sandwich, ate half, went to the computer, pulled up the reservations for  our trip from (DO NOT USE THIS SITE) and, when reaching for a piece of paper (for some reason the printer wasn’t working) grabbed a used tissue filled with dried snot and blood. Scott has been fighting a cold for over a week. If you know me, you know I don’t deal with blood well. The bacon/tomato sandwich turned into a hard ball in my stomach, which rebelled, and I rushed to the bathroom in time to vomit it out. Scott got home, we left, drove to Milwaukee, found the hotel, and discovered that had not, in fact, made the reservation. At this point I was ready to screm. Luckily, Ken, the front desk guy, was not only friendly, but sympathic, intelligent, and efficient. He called, cancelled the reservation so we wouldn’t be charged, and made us a new reservation, gave us 2 complimentary drink tickets, provided me with the toothbrush I had forgotten to back, and was generally the knight in shining armour come to save the day. Her at the Hilton Garden Inn the room is lovely, the restaurant delightful ( I HIGHLY recommend the clam chowder) and the drinks hearty. Now, I’m sipping tea – which Ken also was able to find for me – and Scott is on the bed snoring a bit, exhausted from his equally awful day.


Tomorrow has GOT to be better!


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