“Interesting” things Students have said

Here’s a small sample of some “interesting” things students have said or written during the last 31 years of my teaching career.

  1.  During confesiun, the prest gives penis after you tell him yor sins. (5th grader)
  2. It’s been a long week today.
  3. What’s inside a grape?
  4. How long is a minute?
  5. 18 months – wow, that’s a long time. Almost a whole year and a half.
  6. I watched the solar eclipse last night.
  7. Kid:  My mom wouldn’t help me with homework. I knocked on the bedroom door and heard a lot of grunting and banging, but she didn’t open the door. When she finally came out I asked her what she and dad were doing and she said moving the furniture. (5th grader)  Me:  You can turn in the homework tomorrow.
  8. Kid (senior): Mrs. Jenkins, do you think I will ever have sex with a woman?
  9. King Arthur sent his massager out to warn the villagers.
  10. I really admire Moth Teresa.

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